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London Hotel Rooms Can Be Quite Small And Cramped

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Visitors to London may come for many different reasons. Some may come on holiday and want to explore one of the world’s oldest cities dating from Roman times. Some come for the shopping. Others like museums and art galleries, and London has plenty of those. Some may want to visit the theatres, of which there are many. Still other people may have to visit London on business.

However, all these people have one thing in common and that is that they all need somewhere to stay. Central London has very many fine hotels, and they are probably all right if you are only staying for a night or two. However, hotel rooms are really not very large. You may have a minibar and a TV, but sitting in a small room can feel rather cramped, and living out of a suitcase is not most people’s idea of fun when you are on a longer stay.

Far better is to book into one of the luxury serviced apartments in London has to offer. To begin with, you will find that you have at least twice as much space in a luxury apartment as you would have in a hotel, so you will feel more at ease. Rather than use a minibar at hotel prices you can simply pop out up the street to a local off-licence, which is what drinks retailers are called in London, and buy your drinks at retail price.

One thing that you do have to do in a serviced apartment is cook your own meals. However, that is no different from home, and you will have a fully fitted kitchen with everything you need. You can buy all your food at local shops and markets, and again pay retail price rather than hotel restaurant prices, and you are not limited to the hotel restaurant menu either, so you can cook whatever you want. If you just don’t feel like cooking you can simply go out to a restaurant, and there are very many of them in London.

Many of the serviced apartments have a 7-day maid service, so you don’t need to make the bed in the morning or do any cleaning. Some also have a concierge and security service, and some even have a parking space for your car!

Above all, you will find that these luxury apartments really are furnished luxuriously, and you will be much more comfortable sitting watching TV, or even working on your laptop if you are here on business. Because the apartment is effectively your own home for the duration of your stay, you can invite guests round to dinner, or you can hold business meetings if you are on business, which you can’t really do in a hotel room.

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