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6 Things You Must Experience In Indonesia!

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Talk about the most budget-oriented travel destinations in Asia, and frequent travelers will have Indonesia on top of their list. Indonesia is a land of surprises, and you would be astonished to find more exotic and virgin destinations in the hinterlands, away from the touristy life of Jakarta and Bali. In this post, we talk about the things you must experience in Indonesia.

  • Take a trip to Yogyakarta. If the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism inspire you, vistiing Yogyakarta is a must. It is very close to Borobudur and Prambanan temples, which are of prime interest. What’s even better is the cheap lifestyle here. Take a becak here and get around easily.

  • Shop and shop some more. Yep, Indonesia is the ultimate destination for tourists in love with shopping. It can be a major activity in most cities but be ready to haggle. In fact, like many other Asian destinations, it is one of the best places to try your bargaining skills.
  • Stay in a luxury resort. If you are in Bali or any of other beachy destination, you must stay at one of the better resorts. The range of services at luxury resorts Indonesia can amaze visitors, and yes, do indulge in a spa session.

  • Take a dive. Most divers love the kind of spots that this country has to offer. in fact, this is one of the best places to enjoy scuba diving, and it doesn’t have to cost a bomb. We recommend Togian Islands, and you can also visit Raja Ampat. Packages are easily available, which is a big plus.
  • Hop between islands. Well, did you know that Indonesia has about 17,000 islands? That’s a lot, and you can really have fun hopping from one to another. Snorkeling is also one of the better things to do here, and if you are in mood for nothing, just laze. If you are in Lombok, do visit Gili Islands.

  • Learn yoga. A lot of people come to Asia to learn yoga and meditation, and if you are in Indonesia, do make time for Ubud, where you can find classes for every budget. Spend a week and we promise you will come back for more.

Indonesia is relatively cheap compared to some other parts of Asia, but planning your trip in advance may come handy, especially for booking flights and resorts. Plan now, and you will probably extend your trip for a few days.

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